Overall benefits of powder coating in metal product processing

2023-11-01 14:36

       In metal fabricators, all the advantages of powder coating stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum materials bring value to consumers. Powder coating makes products virtually maintenance-free under normal use, requiring no occasional repainting. Powder-coated surfaces only need to be cleaned with ordinary detergent and water. The overall benefits of powder-coated metal product processing include:


       Powder coating gives metal products a hard and durable surface. This is perhaps the hardest overall finish found on consumer products, commercial equipment and industrial surfaces. Powder-coated objects can withstand adverse conditions such as harsh weather, chemical exposure, and physical impact. This allows for trouble-free daily use and product longevity far beyond what a painted or plated surface can provide.


       Products treated with powder coating have a smooth and uniform appearance. This is almost impossible in traditional painting, except by professional painters working in a sterile environment. In precision metalworking, there are no flow marks, streaks or weak spots when using powder coating. There are no defects like air bubbles, dust or trapped insects. Every surface on a powder coated product from a metalworking manufacturer is smooth and perfect.


       Metal-free surface treatment process, powder coating appearance is beautiful. In addition to being even and uniform, powder coating allows for a variety of light reflection types. In precision metalworking, powder coating can be a high-gloss, semi-gloss or matte finish. Smooth or wrinkled textures are easy to achieve. Even metal flakes and glitter can work in powder coatings.


       Another major advantage of powder coatings for metal fabricators is affordability compared to alternatives. Most powder coating jobs take less time than painting or plating. This results in less labor costs, and the cost savings are passed on to users. It also makes powder coating processing plants more profitable in their work. Likewise, powder coating is a win-win for both customers and hardware processing plants.

Color type:

       Powder coating colors are available in a rainbow of colors. Colors are pre-mixed in powder pigments by metalworking manufacturers. This is a computer controlled mix ratio set at the factory. Carefully pre-mixed powders allow for perfect color distribution that is difficult to achieve with wet paint products. Black and white are two of the most popular powder coating color options. However, every color in the spectrum is available in stock powders and custom color mixes.

Custom color matching:

       Customers benefit from powder coatings through custom color matching. Finish colors can be customized to the precision parts customer's specific brand selection. This allows for instant product recognition and pleasing aesthetic appeal. Commercial and industrial businesses benefit from corporate uniformity by coating their products with eye-catching color instructions and custom powders.

Diverse range:

       A variety of objects can be powder coated. Regardless of shape, size and complexity, if the product can be electrically charged, it can be powder coated. Irregularly shaped, tightly curved, and hollow workpieces are difficult to wet paint or electroplat. Compare powder coating to paint or plating, there is no challenge in tinting every surface of complex shapes with powder coating. This gives metal fabricators the freedom to design and manufacture a one-piece product without having to separately paint it for later assembly.

Corrosion resistance:

       Rust has always been a problem in metal product processing. Debris outdoors can be shattered by rain, snow, sleet, and hail. Indoor products can also be corroded by high humidity and water. Because powder coating equipment covers so thoroughly and evenly, there is no chance for moisture to penetrate into the metal pores. There is no doubt that corrosion resistance is the main advantage of powder coatings.

Consumer recognition:

       Consumers recognize powder coatings as a mark of quality. To the discerning eye, a powder coated finish will stand out compared to traditional wet paint. The powder surface has a unique dry and even appearance that is unique to the powder coating process. This creates a statement of care and quality that equals value and satisfaction.

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