Several important structures of CNC machining centers

2023-06-14 16:36

1. Programming and program carrier

CNC program is the work instruction of CNC machine tool automatic processing parts, on the basis of process analysis of the processed parts, determine the relative position of the part coordinate system on the machine tool coordinate system, that is, the installation position of the part on the machine tool, the size parameters of the relative movement of the tool and the part; The process route of the part, the process parameters of cutting, the action of the auxiliary device, etc., after obtaining all the processing information such as the movement, size, process parameters of the part, according to the specified method and format, the standard NC code composed of characters, numbers and symbols is used to compile the NC program sheet of parts processing, and the programming can be completed manually; For parts with complex shapes, automatic programming (APT) or CAD/CAM design should be carried out on a dedicated programming machine or a general-purpose computer.

2. Input device

The function of the input device is to transmit and store the numerical control code on the program carrier (information carrier) to the numerical control system, according to the different control storage medium, the input device can be a photoelectric reader, a tape drive or a floppy disk drive, and the CNC machine tool processing program can also be directly manually entered into the numerical control system through the keyboard; CNC machining programs can also be transmitted to the CNC system via RS232C or network communication.

Third, numerical control device

CNC device is the core of CNC machine tool, CNC device from the memory or accept input device sent by one or more CNC machining programs, CNC device logic circuit or system software after compilation, calculation and logic processing, output a variety of control information and instructions, control the work of each part of the machine tool, so that it in accordance with the specified sequence of movement and action.

The contour pattern of the part is usually composed of straight lines, arcs or other non-circular curves, in the machining process, the tool to move according to the shape and size of the part, that is, according to the graphic trajectory movement, and the input part processing program can only be the coordinate value of the beginning and end of each line segment and other data, can not meet the requirements, so the need for trajectory interpolation, that is, the "data point encryption" between the coordinate values of the beginning and end points of the line segment, obtain a series of coordinate values of intermediate points, output pulse signals to the corresponding coordinates, control each coordinate axis ( That is, the feed speed, feed direction and feed displacement of each actuator of the feed movement.

4. Drive device and position detection device

The drive device receives the command information of the CNC device, after the power amplification, in strict accordance with the requirements of the instruction information to drive the moving parts of the machine tool, so as to process the parts that meet the requirements of the drawings, therefore, its servo accuracy and dynamic response performance is one of the important factors affecting the machining accuracy, surface quality and productivity of the CNC machining center, the drive device of the CNC machining center includes the controller (including power amplifier) and the actuator two parts, at present, the actuator mostly uses DC or AC servo motor.

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