Want a Fast, Accurate Quote? Include These 3 Details in Your Quote Request

2023-10-18 11:32

Want a Fast, Accurate Quote? Include These 3 Details in Your Quote Request

When your design is ready for manufacturing, the only thing standing in your way is the quote. You need to know what your job will cost and how long it will take—and you need those details to be accurate. 

The estimators at Precision Parts Fast want to get an accurate quote to you quickly, but to do that, we need clear, comprehensive information from YOU.

Here’s how to get a quick and accurate quote from our precision machine shop.

Quote request

3 Steps to Getting a Fast, Accurate Manufacturing Quote

We have professional quotation staff and an intelligent quotation system. Please provide the following three details to help us provide you with an accurate quotation quickly:

  1. 1.3D design file

  1. 2.Critical-to-Quality (CTQ) specifications

  1. 3.Finishing specifications

Want to know more? Read on:

1. Upload a 3D Design File in Addition to Your 2D Drawing

To be clear, we don’t “need” a 2D drawing to quote and manufacture a part for you. But we absolutely, 100%, definitely MUST have a 3D design file from you!

Our quoting software enables quick quote generation by pulling specifications directly from your 3D design file. And because drawings and CAD files don’t always match, your 3D design file serves as our single source of truth.

2. Provide Critical-to-Quality (CTQ) Specifications

Add CTQ specs to your drawings if you want the lowest, most accurate price quoted for your prototype or parts. 

Let’s say your part includes 10 through holes, but only one requires a precision GD&T positional tolerance. We want to know that specification! Why pay for 10 precision positional tolerances when you only need one?

Surface roughness is another example of a CTQ spec. Smoother surfaces can cost more to achieve than rougher ones, so it’s important to note:

  • Are stock finishes acceptable on your plate work?

  • Does your minimum surface roughness specification apply to the whole part or certain features? 

We want your quote to reflect precisely what you want and need; the more details, the better!

The bottom line? Providing CTQ specifications can save you time and money.

3. Define Finishing Specifications

For certain finishing processes, we partner with our trusted outside finishing shops. To minimize time-consuming back and forth communication, it’s important that customers clarify precise finishing specifications up front. 

More often than not, indicating the type of finishing process you need (e.g., powder coating, anodizing, passivation) isn’t enough information. The first question we always hear back from our finishing shops when we send them drawings to quote is: “Is masking required? And if so, what features need to be masked?”

In these cases, we have to go back to the customer and get these questions answered before the finishing shop can provide a quote, which slows down our quoting process. That’s why it’s always best to provide this information with the initial quote request.

Get Your Quote from Precision Parts Fast in One Business Day

When we know exactly what you need, we can often build and send an accurate quote within one business day. (We can even provide expedited manufacturing—just ask!)

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