Automatic Brass Valve Hot Forging Machine

The way of cnc processing is a kind of engraving, precision parts processing is a kind of accessories widely used in automobile, communication, medical, watch, mobile phone, computer and other industries.

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Basic Info.


Brass: C36000(HPb62), C37700 (HPb59),C26800 (H68),C22000(H90) etc

FinishSandblasting,Anodize color, Blackenning, Zinc/Nickl Plating, Polish.Power coating, Passivation PVD, Titanium Plating, ElectrogalvanizingElectroplating chromium, electrophoresis, QpO(Quench-Polish-Quench).Electro Polishing,Chrome Plating, Knurl, Laser etch Logo, etc.
Main Equipment
CNC Machining center(Milling), CNC Lathe, Grinding machine.Cylindrical grinder machine, Drilling machine, Laser Cutting Machine,etc.
Drawing formatSTEPSTPGIS.CADPDFDWG,DXF etc or samples.
Surface roughnessRa 0.1~3.2

Product Description

Good Sales Precision CNC Machining parts for CNC Lathe Machine

Forging machining

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Years of industry experience, own production base, 120 sets of advanced production and testing equipment, CNC machining center, CNC lathe, CNC core walking machine, milling machine, tooth rolling machine, drilling machine, screw machine and other high-precision processing equipment and testing instruments, all available, easy to meet the needs of customers for large-scale customization of mold parts.

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