Cnc Parts Milling And Turning Machining Service

Minggong Machinery works precision with 5 Axis Machine, improve product accuracy and production efficiency, we have Five-axis Machining Center from DMG MORI and Model No. is DMU75.

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  1. MingGong use 5 Axis Machine for nessessary parts, 5 Axis machining works with follow advantage as:

  2. No special fixture is required during machining, which reduces the cost of fixture, avoids multiple clamping, and improves the accuracy of mold machining.

  3. Reduce the number of fixtures used.

  4. Many special tools are saved in the machining process, thus reducing the tool cost.

  5. In the machining process, the effective cutting edge length of the tool can be increased, the cutting force can be reduced, the tool life can be improved, and the cost can be reduced.

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Professional Machining Team

With the widespread application of light metals, precision machined parts are becoming the choice of manyindustries. With all of our machining experience, CNC aluminum has been MingGong's specialty for many years.

We focus on manufacturing non-standard precision aluminum parts with complex structures, and arecommitted to providing customers with high-precision and consistent components. We continue to invest innew CNC machine equipment and skilled employees to ensure our teams maintain a strong competitive edge.We have also been improving the aluminum processing technology to improve efficiency and quality, andcontinuously meet the production needs of customers.

Manufacturing Of Custom  Parts

if you need assistance on your custom machining projects, we will be one of the most capable andaffordable production sources with our technology, experience, and skills. Our strict implementation of SO9001 guality system standards, and the combination of efficient production processes and flexible customengineering enable us to deliver complex projects in short turnaround times and provide excellent productquality.We also provide typical surface treatment operations for custom aluminum parts, such asanodizing,sandblasting, shot blasting, polishing, electrophoresis, chromating, powder blasting, painting, etc

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